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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

Nepal is famous in mountaineering field. It is best known in every corner of the world as the homeland of the Mt. Everest & other several series of mountains peaks. Nepal offers such concentrations of high snow capped mountains that you could find anywhere else & also have the opportunity to climb some of the highest peaks in the world too.

No doubt, everyone is familiar about the name of the Mt. Everest in Nepal, besides, it has got other seven peaks over 8000m & innumerable other between six to eight thousand meters. There are about 236 peaks currently available for expeditions & further 18 minor peaks are being designed for trekking purpose

Taking into consideration of your budget, these Trekking Peak climbing trips are undertaken which are rewarding for those who want to make challenging climb in the Himalayas, a taste of being in the `white wilderness,' is another highlight. These Trekking Peaks locating in the popular trekking spots offer climbing trips can be organize in short period of time. Of course, with relatively easy access to the mountain, these trekking peaks give greater possibilities to explore the spectacular views of the Himalayas.

Participants must be in position of good physical condition. Since previous climbing experience is not essential, having some outdoor background will be useful. Moreover, in order to ensure safe climbing trip, you are provided basic knowledge about handling ropes as well as about other climbing equipments before starting the actual summit. During trekking, our experienced guides- registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), give you accompany with a view to assist you fully who are mostly locals & obviously very much familiar with the routes of trek & the mountain peaks they make summit. Its a privilege, with little challenging but very exicting experience in the high Himalayas, if you do summit one of our Trekking Peak climbing treks that once was reserved only for the fabled 'expedition climbers.'

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Tharpu Chuli Peak Climbing
19 days
Chulu East Peak Climbing
22 days
Pharchamo Peak Climbing
23 days
Naya Kanga Peak Climbing
14 days
Pisang Peak Climbing
19 days
Mera Peak Climbing
18 days
Lobuche Peak Climbing
16 days
Island Peak Climbing
15 days

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